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Benefits of a Loft Conversion

The benefits of having a loft conversion are endless. With lots of home owners increasing the size of their home instead of moving house at the moment, it truly is a great way to optimise space that is readily available.

Most homes can accommodate a loft extension, we believe that by extending the home is this way can not only enhance the external character of your house, it can improve your lifestyle too.

There are usually limits on the value of a home so a large value increase cannot be guaranteed in every single case.

Increase the Value of Your Home

By creating a habitable space the square footage of your home increases. With that view, in most cases the loft conversion pays for itself in terms of enhancing the value of your home. In fact, Housing Market Research in the past has shown that the house value can increase by up to a huge 20%.

The most obvious advantage to converting your loft is the additional space. You can create an office, an extra bedroom or even a couple of rooms and a bathroom and for some families the added space is a real indulgence.

Create Revenue from Your Home

For some though, making money when you sell your home isn't the main advantage. Whatever you decide to use the space for, it will improve your lifestyle. You can choose to use the room as a spare bedroom for visiting guests or as a separate bathroom. You may choose to make money by renting it, or another room, out to a lodger.

Adding Space Not Taking It Away

Some people choose to add space to their home by adding a conservatory or an extension. This is a great way to improve the look of the home whilst increasing the square footage.

By choosing a loft conversion, you are utilising space that is already available. Adding external extensions and rooms takes away valuable outdoor space. Often you sacrifice losing some of the garden or the driveway to make way for the build, whilst a loft conversion only adds to your space without taking anything away. A few nifty storage ideas in your new space can mean you don't lose that either.

Planning Permission

The majority of standard extensions and additions to your home require planning permission. Most loft conversions do not need granted planning permission unless it substantially alters the appearance of your home. This can save valuable time and money as opposed to adding an extension to the side, front or read of the house.

By using a professional and reliable company with experience in converting a range of loft spaces, the new room and stairs can really feel like they are part of the original build.

Making your stairs flow and creating them in the same style as the existing stairs can provide you with the impression that the loft room has always been there.

Speak to us now about converting your loft, whether your home is a small terraced house or situated in a rural estate, we are the leading Essex based loft conversion company and are happy to design, plan and build to your requirements. If you want to consider a Conservatory for your property at the same time as a Loft Conversion then both projects can be tacked together


Benefits of a Loft Conversion

  • Extra place to relax or work
  • Use it for entertainment
  • Extra Space for your family
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