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Loft Conversion Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my loft be suitable for a conversion?

A. We survey your home first so that we don't waste your time. Roof pitches can vary but the majority of homes can accommodate a loft conversion.

Q. How long will the loft conversion take?

A. Once we have guided you on the most suitable way to convert your loft, and you and the local authorities are happy with the plans, your loft conversion can take just four weeks.

Planning permission is not always required, however can add weeks or months should you need to apply. We will help you should you need to be granted permission.

Q. What kind of budget do I need?

Typically, all conversions are different but a basic loft conversion in an average sized home will be between 15,000 and can reach 30,000.

The quality of finish, for example bathroom fittings, mod cons like computerised lighting, or specialised flooring will always increase or reduce the budget.

Q. Will a loft conversion add value to my home?

Automatic increases in the value of your home cannot be guaranteed. But whatever you decide to use the new space for, typically a high quality loft build that enhances your home and maintains its exterior style can achieve up to a 20% increase.

There is always an upper limit to the value of a home, for instance a terraced home in your area will not sell for more than a detached so it is worth looking at the value homes in the area that are very similar to how yours will be when the work is finished.

However, you will not always recoup the building costs and the value of your home is dependent on a number of factors. If the conversion adds something to the home gives it a fourth bedroom or a fully functioning office, then the likelihood is that it should add value.

Q. Are there environmentally friendly loft options?

There are regulations as to the types of insulation, vapour control and heat loss control that must be followed. All products we use, where regulations must be adhered to, meet the standards set out in Document L of the Building Regulations act 2002.

Q. Do you need to follow any specific building regulations?

We always follow building regulations. Your loft conversion must be safe, habitable, well drained and well ventilated.

Building regulations approval must always be obtained and they will inspect the construction during work to ensure it is safe and healthy.

Documents and plans sent to building regulations offices can take up to eight weeks to process, the cost of which is included when we give you your quotation.


Benefits of a Loft Conversion

  • Extra place to relax or work
  • Use it for entertainment
  • Extra Space for your family
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