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Loft Conversions

Steps and Lifecycle of a Loft Conversion

We are leading loft converters based in Essex with a whole range of experience in building projects and comprehensive knowledge of strict regulations that have to be followed whilst building, developing and improving homes.

A loft conversion can be a daunting thought for some, the sheer amount of work involved may put some people off, but we'll tell you the exact steps we take to ensure your home and daily life remains undisturbed for as long as possible while we work to convert your old storage room into a stunning boudoir or glamorous TV room!

If you are thinking of taking the steps to a loft conversion, you may have asked yourself about the lifecycle of a loft conversion.

How do we take a full or partial loft extension from a drawing to a final showpiece?


Making sure your loft is suitable for converting is key.

Once you have expressed an interest about using our expertise to convert your loft, we will visit you and your home and conduct a survey regarding your current loft space and the character and build of your home.


One of our dynamic team will ask essential questions about you and your family's needs, and exactly what you are looking to achieve from converting your loft space.

We will discuss different types of loft conversions and will show you a portfolio of different lofts we have worked to build.


Not all loft conversion projects require planning permission, but we will check with local authorities on your behalf.

We will deal with party wall agreements and building control so that the whole project runs smoothly without a glitch.

We'll manage responsibility for fire safety and restructuring of existing walls and floors, installation of new stairs, drainage and electrics.


Entering your loft at first via the roof means that most of the dust and noise created during the first stages of the conversion will be minimal. We will only begin working in your home when we need to, and each member of our team will take care of your home whilst we do that.

We will always be courteous, removing our shoes whilst in your home, and take time to clean up after ourselves leaving your home sealed and safe when we leave for the day.


Benefits of a Loft Conversion

  • Extra place to relax or work
  • Use it for entertainment
  • Extra Space for your family
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